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Pet Memorial

Pet memorial stones provide a lasting way to immortalize the memory of your companion. At Say it on Stone, we know how devastating the loss of a pet can be. Personalized memorial stones can serve to help bring families closure during a difficult and time and provide a lasting memory. The grieving process can be difficult at best and at times devastating, and personalized pet headstones provide us a way to celebrate the memories of our lost pet.

Your pet is a member of your family, and to honor them in a tasteful and dignified manner for the special role they filled, pet memorial stones make a great choice. Place your memorial stone in that special place; a garden, backyard, or spot in the house where you can have an everlasting physical presence of their cherished memory.



Pet Memorial Stones

Customize Your Stone Now!

We are dedicated to helping you and your family find the right way to commemorate the life of your companion. No matter the breed or personality we can capture it and give you and your family a permanent physical celebration of the life of your pet. No memory or reminder can replace the loss of a treasured friend, but our personalized pet memorial stones can ensure that your friend has a spot in the world forever.

Step 1: Select rock size:

pet memorial stones

Small Engraved River Rock
4"-6" Wide - $47.95

Pets Name and
1 Graphic

pet memorial stones

Medium Engraved River Rock
6"-8" Wide - $67.95

2 Lines of Text and
1 Graphic

pet memorial stones

Large Engraved River Rock
8"-10" Wide - $97.95

3 Lines of Text and
1 Graphic

Personalize Your Pet Memorial

We carve our memorial stones from handpicked rock found in the Mountain Rivers of Colorado and Idaho. Since these stones come from the banks of rivers we have yet to find two the same. All stones have unique characteristics that enhance their beauty. Add your own words and or image of your pet and these qualities will enhance your personalized pet memorial to last a lifetime.

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